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We respect nature!

Recycling Mondo Plast – recycling specialists!

The company

We started our activity back in the year 2009. From then we earned our place in recycling industry one small step at a time, by processing an ever larger quantity of plastic waste and generating raw material – recycled pellets of superior quality, in order to be used in different branches of automotive industry, making home appliances, in agriculture, construction and other sorts of household effects. We have 2 state-of-the-art EREMA recycling lines, with laser screen and automatic washing, which enables us to offer the highest quality recycled pellets. .


Since 2019 we operate on a new, modern location, well fitted with all the amenities and machinery with state of the art technologies.

Our production capacity allow us to manufacture large quantities of recycled pellets – up to 7000 tons per year.

Finished products

We also make a range of consumer goods from recycled granules.

Our products targets the industrial and casnic consumers.

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